14 Sept 2012

6th Army, German

Active 1942 to 1943


Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus
Friedrich Paulus

Army Troops 

648th Army Signal Regiment
2nd Nebelwerfer Regiment
30th Nebelwerfer Regiment
51st Mortar Regiment
53rd Mortar Regiment
91st Air Defence Regiment
243rd Assault Gun Battalion
245th Assault Gun Battalion
45th Army Engineer Battalion
225th Army Engineer Battalion
294th Army Engineer Battalion
336th Army Engineer Battalion
501st Army Engineer Battalion
605th Army Engineer Battalion
652nd Army Engineer Battalion
672nd Army Engineer Battalion
685th Army Engineer Battalion
912nd Army Engineer Battalion
921st Army Engineer Battalion
925th Army Engineer Battalion

IV Army Corps 


General der Pioniere Erwin Jaenecke, from 1 November 1942 to 17  January 1943

General der Pioniere Erwin Jaenecke
Erwin Jaenecke

General der Artillerie Max Pfeffer, from 17 January 1943 to 31 January 1943

General der Artillerie Max Pfeffer
Max Pfeffer

29th Infantry Division (mot)  Generalmajor Hans-Georg Leyser
297th Infantry Division General der Artillerie Max Pfeffer, from 16 January Generalmajor Moritz von Drebber
371st Infantry Division Generalleutnant Richard Stempel

VIII Army Corps


General der Artillerie Walter Heitz, from 25 Oktober 1939 to 31 January 1943

General der Artillerie Walter Heitz
Walter Heitz

76th Infantry Division Generalleutnant Carl Rodenburg
113th Infantry Division Generalleutnant Hans-Heinrich Sixt von Armin

XI Army Corps


General der Infanterie Karl Strecker, from 1 June 1942 to February 1943

General der Infanterie Karl Strecker
Karl Strecker

44th Infantry Division  Generalleutnant Heinrich-Anton Deboi
376th Infantry Division Generalleutnant Alexander Edler von Daniels
384th Infantry Division  Generalleutnant Eccard Freiherr von Gablenz, from 16 January Generalmajor Hans Dörr

XIV Panzer Corps 


General der Panzertruppe Hans-Valentin Hube, from 21 December 1942 to 18 January 1943

General der Panzertruppe Hans-Valentin Hube
Hans-Valentin Hube 

Generalleutnant Helmuth Schlömer, from 17 January 1943 to  1943

3rd Infantry Division (mot) Generalmajor Helmuth Schlömer, from 18 January Oberst Jobst Freiherr von Hanstein
60th Infantry Division (mot) Generalmajor Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff
16th Panzer Division Generalleutnant Günther Angern

LI Army Corps


General der Artillerie Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach, from 8 May 1942 to 31 January 1943

General der Artillerie Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach
Walther von Kurzbach

71st Infantry Division Generalleutnant Alexander von Hartmann, from 25 January Generalmajor Fritz Roske
79th Infantry Division Generalleutnant Richard Graf von Schwerin
94th Infantry Division  Generalleutnant Georg Pfeiffer
100th Jäger Division  Generalleutnant Werner Sanne
295th Infantry Division Generalmajor Otto Korfes
305th Infantry Division Generalleutnant Bernhard Steinmetz
389th Infantry Division  Generalmajor Erich Magnus, from 19 January Generalmajor Martin Lattmann
14th Panzer Division Generalmajor Martin Lattmann
24th Panzer Division Generalleutnant Arno von Lenski


9th Flak-Division Generalmajor Wolfgang Pickert

Jagdgeschwader 3 - Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke

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