14th Panzer Division

The 14th Panzer Division (14. Panzer-Division) originally the 4th Infantry Division, belonging to the peacetime army, with personnel from Saxony and Sudetenland. As such fought well in Poland and in the French campaign and was reorganized as the 14th Panzer Division in the late summer of 1940. Fought in Yugoslavia in the Balkan campaign and was continuously engaged on the Southern Russian front, where it was finally encircled and virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generalleutnant Ferdinand Heim, from 1 July 1942 to 1 November 1942

Generalleutnant Ferdinand Heim
Ferdinand Heim

Generalleutnant Hans Freiherr von Falkenstein, from 1 November 1942 to 16 November 1942

Generalleutnant Johannes Baeßler, from 16 November 1942 to 26 November 1942

Generalmajor Martin Lattmann, from 26 November 1942 to 1943

Generalmajor Martin Lattmann
Martin Lattmann

36 Panzer Regiment
103 Panzergrenadier Regiment
108 Panzergrenadier Regiment
14 Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
4 Artillery Regiment
13 Panzer Pionier Battalion
4 Anti-Tank Battalion
4 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 4
Home Station Dresden (Wkr. IV)

14th Panzer Division, Photos
14th Panzer Division, Doc


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