14 Sept 2012

94h Infantry Division

The 94h Infantry Division (94. Infanterie-Division) was a reserve division formed in September 1939. Personnel mainly Saxon or Sudeten German, with some previous military training. Took some part in the French campaign. Engaged in Russia in the southern sector, where it suffered heavy casualties on the withdrawal from Stalingrad.


General der Artillerie Georg Pfeiffer, from  21 August 1940 to 29 January 1943

General der Artillerie Georg Pfeiffer
Georg Pfeiffer,

267 Infantry Regiment
274 Infantry Regiment
276 Infantry Regiment
194 Bicycle Battalion
194 Artillery Regiment
194 Pionier Battalion
194 Anti-Tank Battalion
194 Schnelle Battalion
194 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 194
Home Station (Wkr. IV)

23 August 1942






2 February 1943

94h Infantry Division, Photos
94h Infantry Division, Doc

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