60th Infantry Division (mot)

The 60th Infantry Division (mot) (60. Infanterie-Division (mot.)) was originally the 60th Infantry Division formed at Danzig in August 1939 and embodying the Danzig Heimwehr. As such took part in the attack on the Hela peninsula in September 1939 and in the French campaign. In the late summer of 1940 it provided a nucleus for the formation of the 60th Motorized Division, which fought in Yugoslavia in April 1941. Subsequently in the southern sector in Russia. Virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generalleutnant Otto Kohlermann, from 15 May 1942 to November 1942

Generalmajor Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff, from November 1942 to 1943

Generalmajor Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff
Hans-Adolf von Arenstorff,

160 Panzer Battalion
92 Infantry Regiment (mot)
120 Infantry Regiment (mot)
160 Motorcycle Reconnaissance Battalion (mot)
160 Artillery Regiment (mot)
160 Pionier Battalion (mot)
160 Anti-Tank Battalion (mot)
160 Signal Battalion (mot)

Auxiliary unit number 160
Home Station Danzig (Wkr. XX)

60th Infantry Division (mot), Photos
60th Infantry Division (mot), Doc


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