3rd Infantry Division (mot)

The 3rd Infantry Division (mot)

The 3rd Infantry Division (mot) (3. Infanterie-Division (mot.)) was an active division mainly recruited in Prussia. As such it took part in the Polish campaign and the Battle of France, without winning any special distinction. Motorized in autumn, 1940. Fought in Russia from the beginning, at first in the center and subsequently in the southern sector, where it was virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Helmuth Schlömer 1 April 1942 to 15 January 1943

103 Panzer Battalion
8 Infantry Regiment (mot)
29 Infantry Regiment (mot)
53 Motorcycle Reconnaissance Battalion (mot)
3 Artillery Regiment (mot)
3 Pionier Battalion (mot)
3 Anti-Tank Battalion (mot)
3 Signal Battalion (mot)

Auxiliary unit number 3
Home Station Frankfurt/Oder (Wkr.III)

3rd Infantry Division (mot), Photos
3rd Infantry Division (mot), Doc


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