71st Infantry Division

The 71st Infantry Division (71. Infanterie-Division) Reserve division formed on mobilization and recruited mainly from the Hannover area. On the Saar front for a period.. Fought with distinction in the Sedan area and in the advance on Verdun. Fought in Russia in the southern sector for the first four months of the campaign, then returned to France and left again for the Eastern front during April 1942. Virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


General der Infanterie Alexander von Hartmann, from 28 March 1941 to 1943

General der Infanterie Alexander von Hartmann
Alexander von Hartmann

191 Infantry Regiment
194 Infantry Regiment
211 Infantry Regiment
171 Reconnaissance Battalion
171 Artillery Regiment
171 Pionier Battalion
171 Anti-Tank Battalion
171 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 171
Home Station Hildesheim (Wkr. XI)

71st Infantry Division, Photos
71st Infantry Division, Doc


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