44th Infantry Division

The 44th Infantry Division (44. Infanterie-Division) formed on 1 April 1938 from personnel mainly Austrian. Sustained heavy casualties in Poland. Saw little fighting but marched great distances in France. Morale less high than that of the other Austrian active divisions. Engaged in Russia on' the southern front from the beginning of the campaign. Virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generalleutnant Heinrich Deboi, from  2 Mai 1942 to 29 January 1943

Generalleutnant Heinrich Deboi
Heinrich Deboi

131 Infantry Regiment
132 Infantry Regiment
134 Infantry Regiment
44 Reconnaissance Battalion
96 Artillery Regiment
80 Pionier Battalion
46 Anti-Tank Battalion
64 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 44
Home Station Wien (Wkr. XVII)

44th Infantry Division, Photos
44th Infantry Division, Doc


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