113th Infantry Division

113th Infantry Division

The 113th Infantry Division (113. Infanterie-Division) was formed in December 1940. Was in the Balkans on occupational duties during November and December 1941. Later transferred to the southern sector of the Russian front, where it was finally virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generalleutnant Friedrich Zickwolff, from 4 June 1941 to 10 May 1942

Generalleutnant Hans-Heinrich Sixt von Arnim, from 10 May 1942 to 20 January 1943

Generalleutnant Hans-Heinrich Sixt von Arnim
Sixt von Arnim

260 Infantry Regiment
261 Infantry Regiment
268 Infantry Regiment
113 Bicycle Battalion
113 Artillery Regiment
113 Pionier Battalion
113 Anti-Tank Battalion
113 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 113
Home Station (Wkr. XIII)

113th Infantry Division, Photos
113th Infantry Division, Doc


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