14 Sept 2012

16th Panzer Division

The 16th Panzer Division (16. Panzer-Division) originally the 16th Infantry Division, belonging to the peacetime army, with personnel from Westphalia and some East Prussians. As such was on the Saar front for a period and later took part in the attack on Sedan in support of armored formations. Reorganized as the 16th Panzer Division in the late summer of 1940. First identified in action during the early weeks of the Russian campaign and then continuously engaged in the southern sector. Virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generaloberst Hans-Valentin Hube, from 1 November 1940 to 15 September 1942

Generaloberst Hans-Valentin Hube
Hans-Valentin Hube

Generalleutnant Günther Angern, from 15 September 1942 to 1943

2 Panzer Regiment
16 Panzergrenadier Brigade
79 Panzergrenadier Regiment
16 Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
16 Artillery Regiment
16 Panzer Pionier Battalion
16 Anti-Tank Battalion
16 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 16
Home Station Munster (Wkr. VI)

23 August 1942






2 February 1943

16th Panzer Division, Photos
16th Panzer Division, Doc

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