14 Sept 2012

11th Army, German

The 11th Army was established on 5 October 1940 as "Kommandostab Leipzig", but changed its designation to Kommandostab München on 23 April 1941. It was restructured into Heeresgruppe Don on 21 November 1942. After being reformed on 26 January 1945 and taking part in various counter-offensives against the Soviet and US advance, the army surrendered to American troops on 23 April 1945.

Active 5 October 1940 to 21 April 1945


Generaloberst Eugen Ritter von Schobert, 5 October 1940 to 12 September 1941
Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein, 12 September 1941 to 21 November 1942
SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner, 28 January 1945 to 5 March 1945
General der Infanterie Otto Hitzfeld, 2 April 1945 to 8 April 1945
General der Artillerie Walther Lucht, 8 April 1945 to 23 April 1945

Army Troops

XI Corps - General of Infantry Joachim von Kortzfleisch
76th Infantry Division - Lt.Gen. Maximilian de Angelis
239th Infantry Division - Lt.Gen. Ferdinand Neuling
1st Romanian Armored Division - Bg.Gen. Ioan Sion
6th Romanian Cavalry Brigade - Mg.Gen. Aurel Racoviţă
XXX Corps - General of Infantry Hans von Salmuth
198th Infantry Division - Lt.Gen. Otto Röttig
8th Romanian Infantry Division - Bg.Gen. Alexandru Orasanu
13th Romanian Infantry Division - Bg.Gen. Gheorghe Rozin
14th Romanian Infantry Division - Bg.Gen. Gheorghe Stavrescu
LIV Corps - General of Cavalry Erick-Oskar Hansen
50th Infantry Division - Lt.Gen. Karl-Adolf Hollidt
170th Infantry Division - Lt.Gen. Walter Wittke
5th Romanian Infantry Division - Bg.Gen. Petre Vlasescu
Italian Expeditionary Corps - Lt.Gen.Giovanni Messe
9th Italian Motorized Infantry Division - Gen. Vittorio Giovanelli
52nd Italian Motorized Infantry Division - Gen. Luigi Manzi
3rd Italian Cavalry Division - Gen. Mario Marazzani

22nd Infantry Division - Lt.Gen. Hans Graf von Sponeck

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