29th Infantry Division (mot)

The 29th Infantry Division (mot) (29. Infanterie-Division (mot.)) was formed on 1 October 1936 from personnel largely Thuringian. Moved great distances and fought hard in Poland and France. Identified in the central sector in Russia in July 1941. Transferred to the southern sector in the summer of 1942 and virtually destroyed at! Stalingrad.


Generalmajor Max Fremerey, from   20 September 1941 to 25 September 1942

Generalmajor Max Fremerey
Max Fremerey

Generalmajor Hans-Georg Leyser, from  25 September 1942 to  January 1943

Generalmajor Hans-Georg Leyser
Hans-Georg Leyser

129th Panzer Battalion
12 Panzer II
35 Panzer III (5 cm lg)
  8 Panzer IV (lg)
  2 Panzer Befehlswagen

15th Infantry Regiment (mot)
71st Infantry Regiment (mot)
29th Motorcycle Reconnaissance Battalion
29th Artillery Regiment
29th Pioneer Battalion
29th Anti-Tank Battalion (mot)
29th Signals Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 29
Home Station Erfurt (Wkr. IX)

29th Infantry Division (mot), Photos
29th Infantry Division (mot), Doc


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