13th Guards Rifle Division

The 13th Guards Rifle Division itself was formed on 19 January 1942, when the 87th Rifle Division was awarded Guards status and re-designated as the 13th Guards Rifle Division.


General Aleksander Ilyich Rodimtsev 1941 to 1943.

General Aleksander Ilyich Rodimtsev
Aleksander Ilyich Rodimtsev

34th Guards Infantry Regiment
39th Guards Infantry Regiment
42nd Guards Infantry Regiment
32nd Guards Artillery Regiment
8th Guards Engineer Battalion
4th Guards Anti-Tank Battalion
Guards Anti-Aircraft Battalion ?
14th Guards Reconnaissance Company

Locations, Railroad Station No 1, Mamaev Kurgan, Nail Factory, Pavlov's House

13th Guards Rifle Division, Photos
13th Guards Rifle Division, Doc


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