24th Panzer Division

The 24th Panzer Division (24. Panzer-Division) formed in France in February 1942 largely from the former 1st Cavalry Division, which had fought as a brigade in Poland and as a division in France and in the early stages of the Russian campaign. Transferred to the Southern Russian front in the summer of 1942 and virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.


Generalleutnant Bruno Ritter von Hauenschild, from 15 April 1942 to 12 September 1942

Generalleutnant Bruno Ritter von Hauenschild
Bruno Ritter
von Hauenschild

Generalleutnant Arno von Lenski, from 12 September 1942 to 1 March 1943

Generalleutnant Arno von Lenski
Arno von Lenski

24 Panzer Regiment
24 Panzergrenadier Brigade
21 Panzergrenadier Regiment
26 Panzergrenadier Regiment
40 Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
89 Artillery Regiment
40 Panzer Pionier Battalion
40 Anti-Tank Battalion
40 Signal Battalion

Auxiliary unit number 40
Home Station I

24th Panzer Division, Photos
24th Panzer Division, Doc


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